On-grid installation

With our system you can power small to large businesses; internet cafe, hotels, hospitals, schools, water plants etc.


CEPA signs contract

The Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry & Fisheries (MAAIF) and Office of the Prime Minister, Government of Uganda to Partner with Clean Energy Partnership for Africa in Agricultural Mechanization and Bioenergy Projects.

The Government of Uganda is to pilot and embrace sustainable and echo-friendly agricultural mechanization particularly under the Peace, Recovery and Development Programme for Northern Uganda, a region with comparative advantage for mechanization. 

Ugandan farmers have great potential with fertile agricultural soil and weather; the blessed people with such a comparative advantage couldn’t be cultivated out of poverty with CEPA being supported with pool equipments for bush clearing and enable farm mechanization. Both MAIIF and OPM shall guarantee provision of farm inputs to the farmers who are involve in contract farming cooperatives market guarantee and linkages by CEPA. 


The project is market led and demand driven with aim of increasing aggregate crop production largely expansion of area under cultivation that had remained a one-off high upfront costs for smallholder farmers to afford. It will include provision of reliable and green power source to businesses that have no access to power and target agricultural mechanization. 

CEPA signs contract farming agreement for sustainable supply of biomass and  Agro processing supply.

Solar Street lights

The system is ideal for village street lighting, city roads/ highways, residentials and industrial complexes.



CEPA (U) Ltd was recently founded by two partners in 2012.

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