Exclusive – New development

Whether round or angular, vertical or horizontal - the surface makes no difference.

Flexible solar cells do not require a substructure and can be mounted everywhere.

New and exclusive, the market launch of JW- Flex. The flexible solar cells generate a high yield,

especially at slanted irradia on. That is due to the spherical arrangement of the silicon. An

excellent thermal coefficient ensures that the modules experience almost no loss of power when


New Fields of Applica on are now possible

Since the flexible, frameless solar modules do not require a substructure for moun ng, new

loca ons for power genera on are available to the user. For the fi er the installa on is

straigh orward. He hangs the modules on eyelets and bolts them onto the respec ve surface. A

polymer film encloses the silicon cells on the front and back and makes them flexible. At only 3

kilogram per square meter the products of the JW-Flex series are absolute lightweights. Jurawa

produces them in the sizes A3, A4 and A1.





CEPA (U) Ltd was recently founded by two partners in 2012.

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